Network Computer

What's a server?
A server is a computer (or software package) in a network that is used to provide particular services to other computers. Here are some examples:
* A mail server routes email. IMAP and POP3 servers handle incoming mail, and SMTP servers handle outgoing mail.
* A file server, also called a web server, holds your web pages, and makes them available to your viewers.

What's a domain name?
This is the "address" of your website - the name that visitors type in to the location window of their browser to get to your homepage.

All computers that are connected to the Internet have a numeric IP address such as Since mnemonic addresses like mycoolwebsite.com are much easier to remember, we use the Domain Name System (DNS) to translate from the numeric IP address to a mnemonic domain name.

What is telnet/ssh/a shell?
Telnet allows you to open a shell on the server to interact with the command line (we strongly recommend using SSH as a secure alternative to Telnet).
PuTTY is a nice free SSH client for windows.
In Mac OS X or linux, you can just open up a terminal window and run:
ssh username@domain.com
(note, unless you've activated shell access from the "Users > Users" area for your ftp user, you won't be able to telnet or ssh in to your server).

What's a sub domain?
Any extension of a domain: i.e. my.domain.com is a subdomain of domain.com. Whoever registers the domain also gets all possible subdomains.

What are Front Page extensions?
FrontPage extensions are "webbot" components, like forms and counters, that are built into the FrontPage software. Some of the things FrontPage extensions can do include: making hit counters, formmail, and file upload.

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